20 Practical Ways To Get More Leads For Your Email List

email-list-generationAre you looking for proven ways to get more leads for your email list?

If this is your nightmare, then permit me to tell you that you are not alone…

In fact, this is one challenge every business is battling and finding practical and workable ways to stay on top of it is what every other online marketer like you is doing right now, so welcome to the club!

Email marketing has undoubtedly remained one of the surest ways to drive traffic as well as increase sales. A US email marketing forecast made by Forrester revealed that come 2014, about 9000 email marketing messages will be delivered a year to every individual of interest.

Now if you do your math, dividing this number by 365 gives us 25 email marketing messages, meaning that 25 marketing messages will be delivered on daily basis to each end user’s inbox.

What is this telling you?

It’s simple; the future of email marketing is bright and BIG. So if I may ask you, where are you on this? Are you seriously considering tapping from this online marketing medium?

You need a heads up on what works and the only way to get inside the cabal of email marketing kings is to learn how to break through this competitive online business and stay on top of your game even in a saturated market.

Like I said earlier in this article, you are not alone, I have carefully listed 20 practical email marketing tips you can implement right now to kick start and generate more leads to your email list.

Let’s see them…

1. First Things First, Start Off with a Self-Hosted WordPress Blog

I assume you already have a blog where you have positioned your business for an online fortune! However, if you have not done this or don’t have a self-hosted WordPress blog, then you need to do that fast.

The essence of email marketing is to have a landing page or some sort of dedicated page where your targeted audience, customers or clients would land to take necessary actions. You can’t run an email marketing campaign on air, you must have a home where people can sign up for your newsletter and equally return to read or do business with you.

Get a self-hosted WordPress blog with hosting companies like Hostgator, BlueHost, Arvixe (jackpreneur.com) runs on this, and so on.

Running a blog on a self-hosted WordPress will empower you to install great content management and content marketing plugins to aid your blog’s visibility and authority to Google which undoubtedly will exponentially boost your email marketing efforts.

Some of these plugins include the SEO Packs and Google XML Sitemaps which helps you to optimize your blog copy for Google’s intervention. The screenshot below will clearly show you the reasons why you must do the business of generating more leads on WordPress blogs.


2. Say No to Email Syndication and Get Serious with Email Marketing

It baffles me that up to this marketing age, most web copywriters and content marketers still go by the way of email syndication.

Now don’t get me wrong on this. Email syndication is great for blogs that share daily news or some sort daily updates with no target for getting leads. In other words, you can use email syndication if you are not targeting buyers, clients or prospects that will do business with you. A very popular email syndication tool is the Google’s Feedburner.

Now to the main gist – as a web copywriter, what you need is email marketing software. In other to capture, convince and convert every single prospect or targeted client, you need an email marketing software to help you run the marketing process smoothly.

The challenge most content marketers face, especially the newly born ones is spending money on marketing softwares. The whole thing about content marketing and generating more leads to your email list is tied around email marketing softwares. There is no way you can achieve results without them.


Email marketing software providers like Aweber, GetResponse, MailChimp and the host of others will take you through the process setting up and capturing more leads. Here is the thing to supercharge you:

Aweber allows you to get started with them with just $1

GetResponse gives you a 30 day free trial to do robust email marketing after which you start paying as from $15 up/month (not bad if you ask me)

MailChimp offers a free email marketing solution with a forever free account that enables you to manage up to 2,000 subscribers and send 12,000 emails a month. If you run a low budget for your content marketing, this is a take for you.

The interesting thing about email marketing softwares is that they come with persuasive and great looking marketing email subscription opt-in forms to help you get more leads. This is rare or almost difficult with email syndication.

3. Place Your Opt-In forms above the Fold and offer something Meaty

thank-you-for-subscribingIs another thing to run email marketing software and another thing to gain more leads with it. That you’ve invested in an email marketing software does not mean you will start getting more subscriptions over night.

You still need to work hard on your blog in terms of where to strategically position your opt-in forms for higher conversion and more leads. Practically, placing your email opt-in form above the fold on your blog works like rocket, so you should implement this practice on your blog henceforth and monitor the growth level.

Placing a naked opt-in form above the fold on your blog may not do the magic compared to when you offer something meaty along with it. The idea is that every single visitor and potential subscriber will lay hands on a resourceful tool to compliment with the sign up.

This practice has remained the game of the day, and is mostly done with eBooks or reports presented in an eBook format.

On this blog, I offer an eBook titled “22 Free Tools and Resources Expert Internet Entrepreneurs Never Wanted You to Know They Use.

You can grab your own FREE copy by below this article or via the sidebar of this blog.

This is a promotional and marketing resource I used to say “a thank you” to all my newly signed up readers who later by reason of my effort may become real buyers, customers and clients.

4. Make Signing Up for Your Email List Newsletter Easy for Them

postmanThe truth is that internet users have little or no patience to pass through your long protocols. You have at least 40 seconds to get a visitors’ attention once he or she arrives on your blog.

When it comes to getting them to sign up for your newsletter it becomes very paramount you keep the opt-in fields simple by minimizing the number fields with just the name and email fields.

This will ensure an easier sign up process and greater leads. While some people prefer using only the email field to aid faster sign up, I prefer using the name and email fields so I can easily use their first names when writing my custom newsletters.

5. Use Your Testimonials on Your Sign Up form to Speak for You

Most times people feel more compelled to take actions when they see already made results. Your already made results are the testimonials made by the users of your products and services.

If you are targeting prospects who you wish to buy your products, the best way to market them is by integrating testimonials of people who have already used the product on the sign up so that you have less talking to do.

This single email marketing strategy contributes to 30%-40% of leads most content marketers get on their blog.

It’s also paramount to ask people who have used your product(s) for a permission to use them as case studies because most users may want to remain anonymous.

6. When You Finally Capture Them Keep Them Happy to Get More Leads for You



I love marketing so much in that it spreads a word in chains.

When you finally capture a lead, make sure you keep them so they can help you get more leads for your email list. How does this work? Find out…

The key to making this happen is by making them happy. I like to borrow the marketing concept of Sterling Bank (a renowned and leading commercial bank in Africa) which says:

The One Customer Bank

Technically, how possible is it for a bank to survive with just one customer? Is it something achievable? That’s why I told you how much I love marketing, it’s awesome!

With the right words and the right marketing strategies you can use one customer to bring in hundreds and thousands of customers. One way to make a customer happy is by providing quality service beyond what he expects.

Back to email marketing, you can get one subscriber to get more leads for you when you send him a truck load of epic content on agreed dates.

I have defined epic content as:

A content written with transparency, no strings attached. It’s loaded with solution not persuasion. It’s written with love to capture the existing problems of readers, customers, clients or targeted prospects.

You can give me your own definition later in comment…

A happy subscriber in your email list will out of happiness and fulfillment discuss your working methods with his friends and market them into joining the league. This is also how you get free traffic, increased sales and of cause more leads.

Make the mistake of sending your hard acquired subscribers loads of newsletters with sales pitch or other promotional products to buy and you will be certain you are losing the game.

7. If Your Newsletters Must Have a Pitch, Use the 80/20 Content and Sales Rule

80-20-ruleI can’t hide the fact that sales pitch is paramount for your online existence as a content marketer. But that does not mean every single newsletter you send to your list will carry product links or pitches.

A smart way of doing this is by employing the 80/20 Content and Sales Rule which I have modified as thus:

For an effective and result getting newsletter written for a targeted audience, epic content should take 80% of the entire newsletter while sales pitch takes up the remaining 20%.

This is the one rule you must never overlook when writing your newsletters.

8. Using an Exit Pop Up May not be a Bad Idea

Now the thing is this, I hate pop ups just like you do. In fact I have always been a preacher and an anti-pop ups.
However, in marketing, no method is totally useless. What pisses Mr. A off may not piss off Mr. B and so on.

Content marketing requires strategic thinking. If you are afraid of trying out a method for at least a week, then content marketing is not for you.

Failure on a single practice does not mean you are failure on your whole copy. It only requires caution to do.
Back to pop ups, I discovered that no matter how bad they may look that they can still be used to gain more leads.

If you noticed, I mentioned “Exit Pop Ups” this is what you need if you must use an email pop up plugin.

As a content marketer, every single visit to your blog should at least be accounted for, so if a visitor feels he is not ready to get started with you, other than allowing the person leave like that you can use the Exit Splash Pop Up plugin to offer them something meaty on their exit in exchange for their emails.

The truth is this, out of 100% of visitors who see the exit pop up, at least 10-15% might take the offer and that leaves you with a few emails to follow up on a later day.

9. Leverage the Benefits of Article Marketing

article_marketingArticle marketing is another hot and surest way to get more leads. I contribute regularly to EzineArticles.com and have noticed at 40 -50% of traffic to my blog from articles I submitted to them and other article directories.

Article directories are so much loved by Google and they help to spread the word about your content writing across the web.

All you need do is to write reader compelling articles and then use your author byline to direct the traffic to a dedicated page where the conversion process to build your list will take place.

10. Leverage the Power of Call to Action

What makes you a great content marketer is your ability to use your copy to direct or control your readers, clients, customers and potential prospects so they can act the way you want them to.

To be honest with you, if your copy cannot compel any of these people to take a specific action after reading it, then you might as well reconsider doing the business of copywriting or content marketing.

A call to action is very important and must be used at all time since you are in the business of capturing, convincing and converting.

Bringing it down to a strategy to get more leads it becomes even paramount to implement it in every single copy you write on your blog, especially for articles where you expect people to either subscribe or buy your products.

11. Ask Them to Subscribe

subscribeYou can never get a thing unless you ask for it.

You may not know this, but some internet users acts like robots who waits until they are asked to do a thing. Some also want you to be the one to show them where and how to subscribe.

Whichever one that comes your way, always be there to carry them along, sometimes you have to pay some price to get a single subscriber.

The good thing about asking people to subscribe is that if you get them to do it the first time, you will also get them to do other things.

Ask and you shall receive!

12. Offline Marketing is Still Alive!

Your business is your legacy and should be part of you at all time. Everything doesn’t start and end with online marketing. You can still generate more leads by doing profitable offline marketing.

One simple and smart way to do this is by designing a business card and imprinting on it your business name, and link.
If you know the people you are targeting, you can easily add an offer that reads:

“Join our email list and get a FREE eBook on how to drive sales with written words.”

You can be creative here by writing what you feel will make a better offer to your targeted audience. Also going to conferences with your business cards is another way of getting more leads.

13. Leverage the Power of Guest Blogging

Here comes one of my most preferred content marketing strategy – guest blogging!
I like to call myself an expert guest blogger because I have learned the nithy-gritty of guest blogging.

My guest posts which have been published on most industry blogs like ProBlogger.net, JohnChow.com, SearchEngineJournal.com, BasicBlogTips.com, and many more still brings in the much needed traffic I need for my blog plus increasing number of leads to my email list.

Here is my recent guest on ProBlogger: How To Write a Professional E-mail That Gets a Reply

Guest blogging means writing in a different language other than your own such that it will suite the audience of the host author. Once you are able to get pass the editorial boards of industry blogs in your niche, you can be certain of getting more leads.

The normal practice is using your homepage address on the author byline but if you want to get smart, one thing you must do on your author byline when guest blogging is adding a unique link that points to a dedicated page where you can easily capture them and get them to subscribe to your email list. This page can also be your landing page.

14. Use Hello Bar to Get More Leads

I don’t think I need to stress much on this, you can see it already at work on this blog. The Hello Bar is one resourceful tool which you can use to direct traffic to a dedicated landing page where you get to do all the marketing stuff.

15. Always Solve a Problem

As a content marketer, your primary job is to solve identified and existing problems of those who you target. You are your brand advocate and so saddled with the responsibility of promoting your business with fresh copy tailored to solving the problems of your end-users.

They say “a problem shared is a problem solved.” Your readers, customers or clients will automatically become your evangelists once you help them solve their problems and harnessing the power of getting more leads becomes very simple with such features.

16. Run a Timely Contest on Your Blog

I called it “a timely contest” because you will be the one to choose when to make such offers. Use an eBook or eCourse to gain more leads by running a timely contest and making the whole thing point to new users signing up before they can access to the free resource.

It’s called timely contest because this offer will look like an offer with expiry date. It’s different from the offer you make when someone signs up for your newsletter. This one is timely because you are using it to bring in more leads in the name of promotional offer.

17. Let Your Comments Speak for You Always

comments-for-leadI have one common policy when it comes to commenting on BIG blogs in my niche. That policy is that every single comment I drop should be able to capture the eyes of one reader from that blog.

This works very well when it comes to gaining more leads to your email list. I have on several occasions been contacted by readers who tell me how they came to know about my blog through the comments I left on some blogs.

One thing about somebody coming to your blog after discovering you is that he will tend to subscribe to your newsletter since he missed out in your previous updates so that your next update will be sent to his inbox. This actually happened to me, and so if I can experience it, another person can too…

18. Leverage the Benefits of Video Marketing

Video marketing is gradually taking up the space in online marketing. These days, people feel more compelled watching a live video than reading some kind of text.

On an average scale, people are easily compelled to subscribe to your newsletter when you produce videos that help them solve a problem. It becomes more compelling when you create the videos in series so that people will have to join your email list to be able to be notified when the next series or episode is out.

Compelling video marketing or distribution contributes to at least 50-60% of increase in your email leads.

YouTube is pretty cool for this as it nets traffic higher than that of Google in most cases. However, there are other video sharing tools you can use such as TubeMogul, OneLoad, VideoWildFire, HeySpread and host of others, just Google your way up to see a handful of them.

19. The Social Media Platforms Isn’t Dead Yet

A good number of subscribers in my email list came through my social media platforms.

The social media market is still alive. In fact, smart content marketers are on daily basis getting clients from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+, all what you need is to learn how to harness the power of social media platforms and you will be amazed at how it will help you gain more leads.


20. Use Social Sharing Plugins

It may appear as if social sharing plugins are no longer effective as before, but the truth remains that a blog without Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and StumbleUpon share buttons hardly get people to click on the headlines.

When your content is shared or retweeted by a reader, it goes to his timeline where his friends will also get to see the link and take actions and from there your links will start breaking through other platforms and timelines which creates room for possible lead generation.

Aha, you now have an ‘A’ list of some email marketing strategies to gain more leads! Now is the time to get to work…

I hope you found these 20 ways to get more leads for your email list really practical?

I am not a know-it-all which is why I welcome your own strategies to generating more leads in comments.

See you at the top!

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  1. Hi Jack,
    To get more leads from email marketing is a function of creating value. Your piece covers a wide area where email marketing can be of value. I have no doubt that any Internet marketer with practical mindset can gain more if the tips shared here are put into practice.
    I am an advocate of value creation, hence the number 15 tips that talks about solving problem should never be ignored. An email marketer should identify and solve problems for the target through the email.
    This is not to undermine all the other tips shared – they are still very much on track.

    I have shared this comment in kingged.com where this post was found and “kingged” for its value to Internet marketers.

    Sunday – kingged.com contributor


    • Hello Sunday,

      Solving problems is one thing every serious minded email marketer should strive to do. It’s not really about the volumes of emails sent out that matters but the value it adds to the recipient.

      I am glad you read this post and have decided to share it as well…


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